Saturday, December 13, 2008

श्री श्री संदेश १३-१२-०८

Suffering is a product of limited knowledge.
You Think You Know
You think you know the world and “This is it”. That isthe biggest problem. This is not just one world; thereare many layers in this world.
Only You
One one lever there are individuals everybody isdifferent—they ‘re young, old, intelligent, wise,dull and all types. One one level we have differenttypes, but on a deeper level there is only you. Onlyyou, nothing else.
When you give a space, the longing in you increases,whether it is for your spouse,or for God, or forGuru—whatever. And when there is longing, your lovebecomes really strong, powerful, unshakeable.
Partial Knowledge
Shadows appear very big, much bigger than you, butthey have no existence. Smaller the light, bigger theshadow appears. If it is total darkness, then alsothere is no shadow. So partial knowledge,a partiallight,partial vision,brings the shadow. And it makesthe shadow appear very huge, very big. But know it isjust a shadow.
Forgiveness shield and protects your mind, yourspirit, from being violent.

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