Thursday, October 23, 2008

श्री श्री संदेश २३-१०-२००८

There is some power, someone who is really caring for you---not just someone: there is only One in the whole universe. That One in the Universe is caring and taking care. Relax; just be peaceful.

If you just look into all the pleasures or joy that you get in life from the world, from anything---they all come with a tax. You have to pay a tax for them. And this tax is sorrow.

Make the whole life a game. There is no purpose, there is no aim, nothing. Just take it lightly, easily. Play the game. That is worship, that is celebration.

Most of the sorrow in the world is because of this: speech -- what people say. If they kept their lips tight, ninety percent of the problems in the world would be over.

There is no escape for man from misery until he reaches the other end of his journey, lives the state of Divine Love, full love. And it's not very difficult. It's worth walking that pathThe present moment, making the mind be there -- now, now, now -- makes you like a child: innocent and still a lot of wisdom and depth

In surrender, you realize that, "It is not possible for me to handle my mind or head with all its guilt and with all its rubbish." Now you say, "Divine, you take care of this.

Surrender means, "Who cares what is happening -- I just let go"
Bad company is company that disturbs the coolness, simplicity, and innocence in you. Company that robs the joy from you is bad company. Company that stimulates passion and ambition in you
is bad company.

Make your desire bigger. Desire for the highest. Don't go for anything smaller than that. Hm? Then also Divine Love dawns in you.

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