Friday, October 24, 2008

श्री श्री संदेश २४-१०-०८

Feelings change, thoughts change, ideas change, body is undergoing changes all the time। But the thirst deep within us is for something that is not changing, that is eternal, that is always, that is the same.

No use in all these talks। Don't go on wasting your energy and time in talking। Be in silence। A thousand words cannot convey a glance, a look from your eyes. And even many thousand looks cannot convey one minute of silence. Just stay, silently.

You are made up of both your father and mother; so, within you you have both the characteristics of mother and father, male and female. There are many men who have motherly qualities in them, feminine qualities in them. And then, there are many women who have more male qualities in them. Love is beyond the qualities; Love is beyond male or female. It is not just limited to body or emotions. It is something that transcends all these identifications.

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